The Enterprise Training Programme


Innovation looks at how to improve your systems and processes by introducing new ways of functioning that will cut time and cost while improving Efficiency and Quality of your product or service. How to learn tools and skills to evaluate the root of a problem its impact on the revenue and the relevant solution. How to create scenario based contingency plans to deal with problems aligned to available resources


How to create a strong online brand. How to create a Social Media strategy and which tools to use to build your brand. How to differentiate yourself from competition and how to communicate your vision to the client.


How to understand the relevance of continuous opportunity seeking, when to do it and how to evaluate the relevance of your product/service in your present market. How to link opportunity seeking in ensuring a viable profitable business. How to have a business plan and marketing strategy that allows effective achievement of opportunities.


Your personal brand is equally as important as your business/organization brand. As an emerging leading entrepreneur you need to know how to use different tools to market yourself, your business and also evaluate your interpersonal skills by looking at how you communicate and perceive issues in life.

Who We Are

Micah Foundation is a Trust founded in 2014 which focuses on Business Advisory and Coaching, Mentorship, Training and Project Opportunities (Healthcare, Education & Agriculture)

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